About Coaching

We are glad you are here! We want to help you find the right Christian Coach. You might have some questions first, and we are here to help you find answers. Take some time and look around, and know we are praying for you to get the help you need.

What is coaching all about?

The goal of coaching is to help you move forward in a personal and unique way. Coaches ask powerful questions, come alongside you with tools and accountability, and help you take your next steps and reach your goals. Coaching is all about your journey.

What is different about Christian coaching?

Christian Coaches can work with anyone regardless of their faith background. However, they are uniquely suited to help Christians since they hold the same worldview. When working with Christians, a Christian coach will (with the client’s permission) include God in the coaching process. In this case, we consider not only where you want to go, but also where God wants you to go. Read our Statement of Faith the coaches here agree to.

How is coaching different than counseling?

This is a common question! It is important to identify what help you need.

Counseling helps people look back into childhood or times of trauma to recognize the impact and also evaluate our motivations to figure out why we do what we do. Counselors are also trained in identifying disorders and varied theories on how to address them (depression, bipolar, narcissism, OCD, etc.). Some counselors are good at helping clients move forward and get “unstuck” to live thriving lives.

Coaching helps fairly healthy people to identify what isn’t working in their lives and take steps to change. Coaches ask powerful questions and listen carefully to create awareness about what the client is struggling with, develop a vision for what this area of life could look like, create achievable action steps to take over time, and overcome obstacles.

We have great respect for both licensed professional counselors (LPCs) and certified professional coaches (CPLCs). Most people can benefit from coaching and not as many people need counseling. As coaches, we like to “stay in our lane” and refer people who need counseling to an LPC rather than trying to help in areas we are not trained in.

Why choose a coach from the Christian Coach Directory?

This is a great question! All of the coaches on the Christian Coach Directory have been vetted by us. These coaches:

  • agree to our Statement of Faith
  • are certified by an approved program
  • follow the International Coach Federation (ICF) Guidelines and Competencies
  • are committed to their continued growth as a coach

What methods do coaches use to meet with their clients?

Sometimes the perfect coach is in your backyard while other times they are halfway across the country or world! The coaches in the Christian Coach Directory use a variety of methods to meet with their clients.

  • Web Conferencing Software (Skype, Zoom, etc)
  • Face-to-Face
  • Phone

Each coach will list the ways they meet with clients. Search for the right fit for you!

Who created the Christian Coach Directory?

This directory was developed by Scott and Abigail Doust, who have seen firsthand the power of coaching in churches, businesses, homes, and communities. They desire to make an impact on this world by equipping Christian coaches and connecting them to people who want to make change in their lives. Read more about the founders.