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Ken and Laura Miller bring to the table a passion for helping couples overcome the obstacles that keep them at arm’s-length with each other. From their training as coaches, along with over thirty years learning about marriage through the school of hard knocks, they will help you gain new insights into your own relationships. They personally affirm that gaining self-awareness and gaining proficiency in a few key relational skills can make all the difference between a relationship that struggles, and one that thrives!

Every one of us has a deep seated need to safely connect with another. You may be ready to take a step to make a difference in your relationship with your spouse or significant other.

Here are a few of the life situations that Ken and Laura can help you with:

  • Interactions that always seem to end up in big fights
  • Where the prevailing relational climate is as cold as ice
  • When you are just DONE with it
  • You’re doing okay, but just kind of living together as roommates


In addition to helping you process these common marital situations, Ken and Laura provide support for other relational scenarios:

  • Pre-married marriage preparation
  • In-law conflict
  • Out-of-control child/teen behavior
  • Foster or adoptive parent/child bonding
  • Restoring ruptured friendships

Miller Credentials:

  • Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC)
  • Prepare/Enrich Facilitator Certification
  • re|engage Group Facilitator
  • Vocational Ministry License (EFCA)
  • Registered Nurse (Pediatric ICU/Oncology)

Ken and Laura Miller have been married for over thirty years. They are the parents of a son born profoundly handicapped, who lived to the age of ten. They are also the parents of six grown children, and two preteens who are still at home. Five of their children are adopted. They are proud to be called Nana and Papa by six grandchildren. Ken and Laura reside in Plano, Texas.

Ken Miller, CPLC

Laura Miller, CPLC