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I am a Certified Professional Life Coach.

My speciality is speaking truth and helping women find truth in their circumstances. My coaching is about guiding women through the obstacles that keep them from experiencing a life well-lived.

My passion is to help women see who they are in Christ and who He created them to be. I desire to see women overcome challenges and live the abundant life that Christ has to offer. My prayer for women everywhere is that they know how valuable they are, and can realize the power of God’s healing and to take hold of the life He has for them to live.

I believe that many people have been hurt, rejected and made to feel “less than.” This can shake our confidence to the very core. When this happens we can lose sight of our own self worth and abilities, leaving us trapped in doubt and fear. This can result in low self-esteem, the inability to make good decisions and not knowing how or when to draw appropriate boundaries. I also believe this can keep us from living the life God has for us, a life of abundance and joy. Regardless of the circumstances that bring us to this point, there is hope. In John 10:10, Jesus tells us that He came to give us a life of abundance.

God has given me the ability to speak the truth in difficult situations. He has also given me a heart for those whose hearts need healing and whose self worth needs redeeming. God does not define us by our actions or our past. He died on the cross for all of us, not just for those who appear to have it all together. Our brokenness bleeds into every area of our lives. If you think the personal challenges you are facing do not affect your work or even your relationships you are kidding yourself.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have confidence in decision making? To have the wisdom to make right decisions? To be able to set boundaries with others and not worry about how they will react? To map out the life you want for yourself? To overcome fear, to receive healing from past hurts, or to bring resolution to personal challenges and conflict? Maybe you lack confidence and are constantly trying to please others. Are you struggling in your relationships? Do you doubt your own self-worth?

I coached in a corporate environment for 16 years. I left the corporate world a few years ago leaving a rewarding career in Human Resources.

Today I help women succeed in their endeavors by offering genuine and honest feedback in a safe environment.

“I believe we are all diamonds in the rough, and when we allow God to enter our hearts, the refining process begins and we have the opportunity to shine”.

Suzanne Jackson