Get the Details to Help You Impact More People!

If you found us, potential clients could as well. We are committed to pairing people who want Christian coaching with great Christian coaches. We are coaches ourselves and have many years of coaching under our belts. We know that getting referrals is one of the most difficult things to do when you are just starting out or wanting to grow your business.

We started a coaching ministry and a nonprofit organization. We train coaches so they can go out and impact the world for Christ. Again and again, we heard that starting a business or ministry was the hardest part– in fact, it was preventing them from moving forward most of the time.

You can read more about us and our story— but what matters here is that we are serious about getting you launched well. Feeling uncertain about how to take payments or when to file an LLC? Trying to find inexpensive scheduling, find a safe place to ask questions, and develop a web presence? We can help. Let’s get you back to your primary concern– caring for people.

Get Found!

You have been trained and you are ready to launch. You are eager to help people. So where are the clients? Coaching schools may add you to their website, but potential clients aren’t looking for you on those sites. We are serious about connecting people with a great Christian Coach.

Connect with YOUR ideal client

Your own Client Portal

Is your mind racing with questions like, “Did I send that email to my client? Where are their forms?” We provide basic documents and powerful tools– all one place where you can see client history and communicate with each person in a professional way. This is you- equipped to do more.

GROW & Share Your Toolbox

Don't go it alone!

Being a coach can be lonely! In addition, the best coaches still have questions! Do you Google it? Get peer support and a safe place to ask questions to peers and professional coach trainers. You can know that everyone holds the same values you hold and will coach from the Christian perspective.

Lean into Like-Minded People

Keep Learning!

You graduated from a great coach training program. So now you have to figure out how to start a coaching business and get ongoing training from training professionals.  We include monthly webinars and discounted ongoing on-demand courses for you to continue to grow1

Keep Learning and Growing